for Your Favorite Mortgage Loan Officer in the 2023 Wake Living's Readers' Choice Awards
Jessica Black
Loan Officer Assistant
NMLS ID #887235

Jessica has a long history of being in the mortgage industry since 2012, and believe it or not this is her second time working with us at The Sherry Riano Team! Prior to 2012 Jessica worked in property management while she raised her daughter Zoee and son Zane. Plus on top of all of that she volunteered her time to anything she found fulfilling. At times she even worked three part time jobs just to help others or simply because she found the work interesting. What a hustler! 

When asked how she would describe herself in 3 words Jessica said “adventurous, optimistic, and generous” and we couldn’t agree more! Jessica constantly brings joy and laughter to our office and is also known as our jumprope queen! After hours she is frequently found at the gym, exploring the great outdoors, or coaching her performance jump rope team. 

What does she love most about working with The Sherry Riano Team? Jessica said “we’re like a little work family and Sherry is the mother hen! Team culture is extremely family friendly here and that is hard to find nowadays!” After knowing Sherry for years, Jessica believes that people should use SRT because they actually care about their clients and their goals. “We will fight for them throughout the lending process and celebrate with them once at the finish line!”

Fun Facts About Me

Tell me your life story in exactly one sentence.

‘Whatever you do, do it with all your heart.’

What is your useless talent? 

I know snakes. It started by me learning to identify local venomous snakes which then snowballed into me learning many of our US based snakes!  It’s fun to be that friend that everyone sends random snakes pictures to for me to identify.

What songs are on the soundtrack to your life? 

“I Lived” by OneRepublic and “Free” by Zac Brown Band are probably the top 2 on my soundtrack!

What do you dislike that everyone else seems to like? 

TV. Not that I can’t sit down to watch a good show or a movie but I’d rather be working on a project or outside doing something fun.

What is the best meal you have ever eaten? 

The best meals I’ve ever had are still my grandmother's cooking on Sunday afternoons when I was younger!  They were made with farm fresh ingredients that couldn’t be beat. For the record, her mashed potatoes were the BEST!  

What is your favorite cocktail?

I have some other “go to’s” but my favorite cocktail is a Clover Club!  Gin, lemon, raspberry syrup, and egg white shaken to perfection!