Why technology plays second fiddle in mortgage lending


Listing agents are always so surprised to hear from me when I call on behalf of my clients.

I’ll never understand why.

The borrower is technically my client. But really, the seller is too. Because if the transaction doesn’t close, everyone loses.

Nevertheless, sellers and selling agents are always surprised when we call…n’t count how many times they’ve responded with “I’ve never had a lender call me on behalf of their buyer on a listing. This is wonderful for my seller!”

Just more proof that despite all this technology, the simple things still work!

Winning Deals Daily

My Realtor Partners and I are winning deals every day due to this practice; a simple phone call!

Once we’ve initially approved the buyer, I personally call the listing agent to let them know that the buyer their seller is under contract with has already been approved pending the appraisal, clear title, and inspection.

This has also helped my Realtor Partners and their buyers win the deal in a multiple offer situation!

There’s No Substitute for Human Interaction

Y’all know I’m a huge fan of a 15-minute phone call!

But why is this so important? We’ve got online applications, email & text messaging?

It’s because getting real estate transactions closed is MORE than just closing deals.

It’s about putting families into homes.

And you can’t put families into homes by trying to put square pegs in round holes to speak.

That’s why sometimes you’ve just got to talk to folks… whether that’s the seller, another realtor, the appraiser, the underwriter… could be anyone.

I’m proud to say that this quick & easy practice of acting as an ambassador for my clients has inspired my Realtor Partners to promote it as one of the many advantages of working with The Sherry Riano Team.

Mykola Gogol