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The Top 9 Rules For Your Bathroom Renovation

Perhaps one of the best ways to update a home and make it feel modern is by performing a bathroom renovation. This is a common remodeling project when someone is preparing to sell their home, but it can be a great way to make your home feel new and updated.

There are some important things to keep in mind, however. Renovations can get expensive fast and keeping some tips in mind will help you to stay on task, stay under budget, and come out happy with all of the changes that you end up instituting.

Do more with less — leave yourself space during your remodel.
Do more with less — leave yourself space during your remodel.


While you may want to transform your bathroom into everything that you’ve ever wanted, there are limitations. Shoehorning a hot tub — along with the hot tub accessories — may make the entire space feel cramped and crowded.

You need to work with the space you’ve been given. If you have room for a bathtub, you can opt for a high-end model that has jets built into it. After all, soaking can have several different benefits that are similar to having a hot tub. Stay sensible and leave yourself enough space to work with.


One of the biggest mistakes that bathroom renovations see while remodeling is a lack of storage space. With all the flash left to the fixtures and appliances, it can be easy to forget to add in additional storage. The key here is to maximize that space.

Think about how that storage will be used. Plan for mirror storage, drawer storage and, if there is space to accommodate, closet storage. All of this will help you maximize the space in the room, particularly if the space you’re remodeling is limited to begin with.

Additional storage can help maximize the space in the room.
Additional storage can help maximize the space in the room.


The devil is in the details, as they say, and that is definitely true when it comes to your bathroom renovations. Even the most expensive, high-end fixtures can end up looking completely out of place without the right details implemented.

A glass shower door may be a great idea, but how will it look if it comes too close to the vanity? Will dirt get between the two fixtures and make it difficult to clean? These little details can wind up making or breaking a bathroom renovation. It’s best to consider every aspect.


Of course you’d like the bathroom to look the way that you desire. At the end of the day, however, the bathroom has to work for it to be a truly successful renovation. That means using different areas of the room should feel natural and it should be relatively easy to clean.

Moreover, the essentials should be well-functioning, accessible, and have proper lighting. It might be more expensive to go with a double sink, for instance, but that change can make the room look better and provide greater functionality for couples. Factors like these can make all the difference during the remodeling process.


This can be a bit more difficult for those who don’t have natural design talent, but think about your bathroom as if it was entirely made up of vertical and horizontal planes. Your flooring, the walls, and even glass.

Using rectangular planes, for instance, can give the feeling of organization and serenity. By understanding your planes and working within them, you can play to the strengths of that design and give a more functional, aesthetically pleasing feel to the room.

Design planes in your bathroom help promote serenity.
Design planes in your bathroom help promote serenity.


Bathrooms tend to be something of an afterthought in construction behind the bedrooms. So, more often than not, they don’t get great window exposure or enough natural light. Stop for a moment to consider just how much time is spent in the bathroom and you will realize that this needs to change.

Daylight can be a great way to enhance the feel of the room. Not only does natural light make the room appear brighter, but it can actually help to make it feel larger, too. Consider adding a sky light to not only bring more natural light into the room but to help save on your energy costs as well.


Natural light is great and all, but what if you tend to use the bathroom when the sun has gone down? For this reason, having ample artificial light is just as important as the natural counterpart. Consider adding different sources of artificial light, too.

Overhead lighting can project throughout the room while more focused lighting – such as the lights on a vanity – can provide amplified brightness in a concealed area. It all comes down to accessibility and reach with artificial lighting and knowing where to implement it.


For the most part, bathrooms tend to play it safe by going with neutral colors. You don’t have to change up the colors to give your bathroom more excitement — simply put in a focal point for the room. You can choose a feature that fits the scale of the room.

Perhaps it’s a couple of standout mirrors. Maybe the vanity can be the feature piece. Whatever the case, giving a focal point to the room can provide a pop of excitement and color without going overboard or feeling gaudy and over-jazzed.

Create a focal point to help add a little flare.
Create a focal point to help add a little flare.


Bathroom remodels can be a huge expense. If you are going to go with a high-end purchase, try to keep them neutral. This is generally the shower design or flooring. Keeping them neutral means that you can work around them and implement changes that won’t stand in stark contrast.

You can infuse your own unique personality throughout the space and the neutral tones of the high-end features will be easy to bring with your future transformations. You can go bold with mirrors, towels, paint colors, and more while the high-end flooring or shower remains versatile and fits in no matter what you choose.

Are you planning a bathroom renovation or a remodeling project? These nine tips can help take it to the next level. Plenty of natural light, attention to the finer details, and a touch of minimalism can go a long way. If you have questions about how to make your next renovation or remodeling project a reality, visit our construction & renovation product page or reach out to one of our loan experts at The Sherry Riano Team to get started!